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Thatcher named 'Statesman of the Era' at Spectator annual awards

Tim Montgomerie

...but the big prize, Politician of the Year, went to the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg.

Tonight's winners of the Spectator's Parliamentarian of the Year Awards are:

  1. Newcomer of the Year: Caroline Lucas
  2. Inquisitor of the Year: Tom Watson
  3. Peer of the Year: The bow tie-wearing Lord (David) Young of Tacklin' Elf'n'Safety
  4. Speech of the Year: David Cameron for his post-election speech making a comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats (the award was presented by Lord Mandelson)
  5. Double act of the Year: Not Clegg'n'Cameron but Osborne'n'Alexander for delivering the CSR
  6. Campaigner of the Year: Ed Miliband for coming from the back of the pack to win the Labour leadership
  7. Survivor of the Year: Gisela Stuart for holding Birmingham Edgbaston
  8. Backbencher of the Year: Graham Brady for "being the only person this year to beat David Cameron in any kind of ballot", frustrating the PM's attempt to install Richard Ottaway as Chairman of the 1922
  9. Statesman of the Era: Baroness Thatcher (collected on her behalf by Charles Moore)
  10. Parliamentarian of the Year: Ed Balls for mercilessly hounding Michael Gove
  11. Politician of the Year: Nick Clegg for transforming British politics in that first election debate.


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