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Memo to Vince; even Lib Dem voters love the immigration cap

Tim Montgomerie

MIGRATION WATCH UK New polling, commissioned by MigrationWatch, reveals that the Coalition's new immigration cap is very popular and would be even more popular if it was tougher. 81% of voters approve of the measure that should see economic migration from outside the EU reduced by about 20%. David Cameron's commitment is to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands by 2015. 70% of the nation would like it down to 50,000.

Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition, encouraged by certain big business interests, wanted Theresa May to dilute the pledge but the MigrationWatch/ YouGov poll shows that even 79% of Liberal Democrat voters support the cap. A massive 95% of Tory voters support the cap. 69% of Labour supporters do.

According to MigrationWatch:

"The poll also revealed widespread unhappiness about the result of a recent study which found that, if immigration continues at roughly its present levels, then by around 2066 there will be fewer White British people in the UK than those from other ethnic groups. 73% were unhappy (56% very unhappy) while only2% were happy and 21% were neither or unhappy."

Meanwhile the human rights group Liberty is fighting a Coalition bid to introduce an English language requirement for non-EU brides and grooms wanting to settle in Britain. The Home Office has enlisted a number of educators to ensure 40,000 spouses and partners have basic language competencies. In an article for the Daily Jang and the Asian Age, Immigration minister Damian Green wrote:

“From now on those coming here will have to show that they can speak English before they are given a visa... When there are exceptional compassionate circumstances, such as a learning disability, there could be an exemption. But for the vast majority of men and women joining their partners here in the UK, speaking English will help make everyday life easier - communicating with their children’s teachers, speaking to their GP or applying for work. A good command of English will also remove current barriers for the children who suffer academically when they cannot speak at home."


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