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ConservativeHomeUSA is live

Tim Montgomerie

A big day for ConservativeHome. Our new USA site has just gone live.

It is a very similar format to the UK site but obviously focused on the Republicans and America’s conservative movement.

C-HOME-UK-and-USA-shields-aThere are differences between British and American conservatism. There is a greater religious dimension to US politics. Republicans are more hawkish. They do not understand our attachment to the National Health Service.

But the common ground is much greater than the differences. There is the shared commitment to fiscal conservatism and a belief that taxes and regulation should be low. George Osborne will be underlining this in an article he’ll be writing for ConHomeUSA tomorrow. There is a commitment to freer trade. There is a similar scepticism about multilateral organisations (in our case towards the EU, in Republican circles towards the UN). There is a common belief in the power of society, not the state, to fight poverty and deliver progress.

We hope you enjoy the site. It is being edited by Ryan Streeter from Indiana but another American citizen, Natalie Gonnella, and I will be contributing from the UK and so we can use our timezone advantage to offer The Early Elephant email at 6.30am EDT, their time. Please subscribe to it.


At the moment will take you to the US site. Use to go direct to the UK site. In the next day or so I hope will be using some territorial recognition software to send UK users to the UK site and US users to our sister site.

And please follow the site on Twitter.


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