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74% of Tory members think Cameron missed opportunity to repatriate powers and cut EU budget

By Tim Montgomerie

1,447 Tory members took part in a ConservativeHome poll from after Friday's EU summit until lunchtime yesterday.

IMG_1315The results - reported in the Daily Mail - suggest that members do not agree with David Cameron's claim that he got a good deal for Britain. Cameron said he had "succeeded spectacularly" in capping increased EU spending at +2.9%. 62% of party members disagree. 85% think the EU budget should have been cut.

More significantly, on a forced choice question, 74% think the Prime Minister should have used Angela Merkel's request for a Treaty amendment as an opportunity to get some powers repatriated to Britain. 26% agreed that accepting the Treaty amendment was in Britain's interest. Mrs Merkel is being portrayed as Europe's new "Iron Lady" because of her negotiating triumph.

Asked if they wanted to leave the EU, 49% of members said they did. Of those wanting to stay in (totalling 51%);

  • 5% said "we should stay in the EU but leave the relationship as it is";
  • 42% said "we should stay in the EU but aim to get powers back";
  • 4% agreed "we should be more enthusiastic EU members".

Click on the graphic below to enlarge it.

EUgraphic As always, ConservativeHome used the control group process described here to ensure the survey's integrity. In addition, despite the thumbs down for his EU deal, 89% of the 1,447 respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with David Cameron's overall performance as Prime Minister. 3% were dissatisfied and 8% very dissaftisfied. Support for the Coalition also remains high:

Chart2 What we have is a grassroots party still very supportive of David Cameron but who feel disappointed on Europe.


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