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New poll suggests "unfair" claims on Spending Review have traction

By Jonathan Isaby

ComRes conducted a poll yesterday of 1,003 people for tomorrow's Independent, with the following conclusions:

  • 59% believe the cuts are unfair because they will hit the poorest people (36% disagree)
  • 34% who voted Conservative in May think the cuts are unfair (59% of those who backed the Liberal Democrats think the cuts are unfair)
  • 30% accept the Chancellor’s claim that the better off will bear most of the burden of the cuts (64% disagree)

However, 59% - including one in three of those who voted Labour in May - think the last Labour Government bears most responsibility for the deficit in the public finances (36% disagree).

On the subject of tackling the claims of unfairness and regressiveness, Tim countered with this list of twenty compassionate Coalition policies earlier today. It is essential that ministers appearing on the media over the weekend make some noise about them.


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