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Samantha Cameron on the cover of The Sunday Times' magazine

For those wanting a break from Milimania you might like to turn to the Sunday Times' magazine. The cover girl is Samantha Cameron and she looks beautiful.

SamCamSTM What did I learn about the PM's wife from the Hello!-style profile?

  • She is currently on just two days a week at upmarket stationers, Smythson. The article credits Mrs Cameron for reviving the brand that dates from 1887. "For years" her work at Smythsons means she has earnt far more than her husband. One recent sales success is a £1,000 "Nancy bag" named after her daughter.
  • She paid the £30,000 cost of remodelling the 10 Downing Street flat herself. She's added a proper kitchen, dining area and play space. Until the work was finished the new PM and his family were "camping out, with just clothes and toys". Living above the shop means Samantha sees her husband much more than during the election campaign. He pops up for the odd cup of tea.
  • Her Cornish holiday location was chosen because it was close to where her obstetrician holidays.
  • Her sympathies lie a long way from Sarah Palin and America's "far right".

But the text isn't the main purpose of the feature. It's photo journalism and it lies behind The Sunday Times' paywall (£). For your money you will, however, get a moving insight into the life of Ivan Cameron. More frivolously there's a two minute guide to getting the 'Sam Cam look' from the newspaper's fashion editor. Mrs C was, after all, the first pregant woman to get on to Vogue's best dressed list. Her sister Emily Sheffield's status as the magazine's Deputy Editor had nothing to do with this!


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