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A narrative for this Government (#4), by Charles Moore

By Paul Goodman

Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 17.15.11 The two ConservativeHome Editors and I have already had a go at writing narratives for this government - summarised in around fifty words - here, here and here.

Today, it's the turn of Charles Moore - a columnist on the Daily Telegraph, and a former editor of that paper, as well as of the Sunday Telegraph and the Spectator.  He is currently writing Lady Thatcher's official biography.

Here's his message for the Government -

"Don't apologise for cuts. Explain that they are the precondition for fairness. Fairness means nothing if the money is swallowed by debt repayment. A fair society is one where people can rise by their own efforts and the helpless are helped.  At present, the system multiplies the numbers of helpless and penalises those trying to rise."


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