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Who wrote this?

By Tim Montgomerie

"The choice is...clear.  It is the choice...between a community in which nothing stands between the Government and the individual, and a community in which there are many centres of vigorous and independent group life. Only a society, decentralised, diversified, neighbourly, resourceful and resolute can have the idealism and vitality required to meet and defeat the challenge of the pessimist or the materialist wherever he is found."

Very Big Society, eh?

But it wasn't Oliver Letwin or Steve Hilton, David Cameron's guru.

It was drafted by Lord Hailsham and tweaked by Churchill himself for the Conservative Party's 1949 policy statement, The Right Road for Britain.

I'm grateful to Tim Bale for drawing the passage to my attention and providing further proof that the Big Society has deep roots in the Burkean traditions of small platoons conservatism.


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