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'Scotifying' the Scottish Tories

By Tim Montgomerie

Screen shot 2010-08-30 at 20.16.21 After a very disappointing General Election result the Scottish Tories continue to struggle. One recent opinion poll had the party at just 10% north-of-the-border although most think it was a rogue. I've made my own recommendation; The creation of a functionally independent Scottish Conservative Party on the CDU/CSU model, able to develop a distinctive centre right pitch for Scottish voters.

An article in today's Herald newspaper suggests that some senior Tories believe that a "Scotification" of the party is indeed the best way of reviving the party in Scotland. This might include its own leader, a new name, independence from London, and being "more devolutionist than anyone else".

Action is unlikely before next May's Holyrood elections but radical change must happen thereafter. It will be very awkward, to say the least, for David Cameron to win a Westminster majority at the next General Election but still only have one or two MPs in Scotland.


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