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Lord Brittan appointed David Cameron's trade adviser

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 14 Sky News' Mark Kleinman had the scoop this morning and Downing Street has now confirmed it: Lord Brittan, the former Trade and Industry Secretary under Margaret Thatcher and later a European Commissioner, has been appointed trade adviser to the Prime Minister.

A Downing Street statement explains:

Lord Brittan has been appointed as a trade adviser to the Prime Minister helping to lead a cross-Government effort to develop and drive forward an ambitious trade agenda. He will work closely with Ministers across the Government to define an overarching trade and investment strategy, and his work will help shape and inform a forthcoming White Paper on trade to be launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable.

The Prime Minister said:

"I am delighted that Lord Brittan will bring his unrivalled experience and know-how to what is one of the most important issues we face - to drive forward our ambitious trade agenda. As we come out of recession it is crucial that we demonstrate that the British economy is open for trade, open for investment and open for business. Crucial not just for our economic growth and the jobs it will create but also to help some of the poorest countries in the world develop too."

Accepting the role, Lord Brittan added:

"Removing trade barriers and stimulating investment is crucial for our national prosperity. To help work out how this can best be achieved, both nationally and internationally, is an immensely exciting challenge, I am honoured and delighted to be asked to take this on."

Lord Brittan has links to several senior Cabinet ministers: William Hague inherited his parliamentary seat and Nick Clegg worked for him in Brussels at the European Commission.

He will take up the role next month for a six-month period, during which he will take a leave of absence from UBS Investment Bank, where he is Vice Chairman.


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