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David Cameron is right to continue meeting real people at public meetings

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 4 Mike Smithson at Political Betting uses a post this morning to pour scorn on the fact that David Cameron is continuing to go out on the road and hold meetings at which he answers questions from members of the general public.

"What’s the purpose of Cameron/PM Direct so far out before the next general election?" asks Smithson.

His question seems to suggest that politicians only ought to be bothering themselves with having to meet the public in the run-up to an election. This assertion surprises me, coming as it does from a former parliamentary candidate - who ought to be all too aware of the perennial complaint on the doorstep that "we only see you when you're looking for a vote".

Prime Ministers who lock themselves away in Downing Street are open to the danger of losing touch with voters and what's happening in the real world. This is a charge that has rightly been levelled at Prime Ministers of all political hues in recent decades.

Certainly Gordon Brown ensured that he encountered as few "real" people as possible (Gillian Duffy aside) and the contrast between him and David Cameron on this front could not be more stark.

I attended a Cameron Direct meeting at the beginning of the year (as I wrote about here) and translating the format into PM Direct is to be applauded.

Below is the full video of yesterday's PM Direct in Brighton and Hove.


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