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Tory members ready to forgive "too many" concessions to Liberal Democrats if Coalition fixes the economy

By Tim Montgomerie

Although 60% of Tory members* agreed with the proposition that "Cameron is giving the Liberal Democrats too many concessions on things like Europe, prisons and nuclear power" (36% disagreed), members are, it appears, willing to give him and the Coalition the freedom to compromise in a variety of ways if the economy is put right.

75% agreed that they would "be content if the Coalition gets Britain's deficit and economy fixed (anything else is a bonus)". 22% disagreed.

This 75%/22% split is very similar to the overall sense that the Coalition is good for Britain: 72%/25%. This is slightly less positive than last month but still an improvement on members' initial reaction in mid-May:

7225 As you can see, the idea that the Coalition might be good for the Tories is increasing. The opinion polls might have something to do with this!

* 2,029 members took part in the survey from 28th July to 31st July


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