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100 Days: The natural Prime Minister

By Tim Montgomerie

4799791148_727a071bfb_bHe doesn't describe pensioners as bigoted once their backs are turned.

He doesn't throw mobiles phones at Downing Street walls.

He doesn't browbeat interviewers.

He doesn't attempt to micro-manage every Whitehall department.

He meets foreign leaders without lecturing them.

He doesn't dither over big decisions.

But it's not just the welcome contrasts with his predecessor that has encouraged seasoned observers to believe that David Cameron is built for the biggest job in Britain.

He dominates the Commons at Prime Minister's Questions and speaks more like a Prime Minister than a party leader.

He processes his Red Box promptly each and every day, ensuring speed at the heart of the government machine.

He is able to rise to big occasions as he did in his landmark response to the Bloody Sunday inquiry.

He isn't, of course, perfect. His speeches tend to be flat. He appears on the national stage a little too often when interventions by him would be more of an 'event' if they were more scarce. He hasn't loved his own party in the way he has loved his new Coalition partners - although I am increasingly confident that that is being rectified. But there is something natural about Cameron's style-as-PM. From day two he didn't do the grand arrival at the front of Number 10 but arrived quietly to work, via the back door. There's a moderation to his manner and some good humour too.



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