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This Coalition will break down or drift Leftwards

Call it Montgomerie's Law of the Coalition (launched in The Times (£)). This Coalition is heading for breakdown or it's heading Leftwards. The Left of the Liberal Democrats will demand an end to the Coalition if Nick Clegg doesn't get more and more concessions from David Cameron.

If the Coalition fails it will be broken by Liberal Democrats in left-leaning constituencies. Think Scotland, Wales, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sheffield, Liverpool. Think Ming Campbell, Charles Kennedy, Simon Hughes.

Michael Moore got a pounding on BBC's Question Time last night and Angus Reid polling illustrates the massive north-south gap in Clegg's approval ratings;

5829 The most significant incident of LibDem discontent has just been reported. The leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool has launched a strong attack on the Coalition's decision on school buildings.

Warren Bradley described the schools policy shift as "unforgivable" and the straw that has broken the camel's back" for many in the party. "I honestly felt physically sick," reports The Guardian. "I will," says Cllr Bradley, "continue to work to change the Lib Dem part of the coalition to make sure there is social justice. At the moment, I am seeing very little of it."

He fears wipeout for the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool.

And the cuts have hardly started.

Tim Montgomerie


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