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Harman and Cameron clash about the health service at PMQs

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 2 12.03 David Cameron begins by paying tribute to the latest casualties in Afghanistan.

12.06 Harriet Harman begins by asking about the violence in Belfast over recent days and seeks an update from Cameron.

12.07 Cameron pays tribute to the police service of Northern Ireland for how they dealt with such unacceptable behaviour and reports that over 80 police officers have been attacked so far. He says that the police have nonetheless behaved with restraint but that as a devolved issue the lead should be taken by the NI Justice minister. He adds that everyone should co-operate with the police.

12.09 Harman moves onto Health. Will patients keep a guaranteed right to see a cancer specialist within 2 weeks of seeing their GP? Cameron replies that we'll only keep targets where they help clinical outcomes and that the Government will increase NHS funding whereas Labour will now cut it.

Picture 412.10 Harman says he has dodged the question and asks it again. Cameron says that 2 weeks is too long for some people. He moves to ask Harman if it is Labour policy to cut the NHS. Bercow intervenes to say that Harman should restrict herself to asking, not answering, questions.

12.11 She says Cameron hasn't got the guts to say he is ditching the cancer guarantee. How much extra will NHS administration cost next year? Cameron insists it will be cut next year and attacks Labour for wanting to defend the vast bureaucracy of the NHS.

12.13 Harman repeats that there will be extra administration costs next year and seeks an answer. Cameron: "We are not reorganising the bureacracy, we are scrapping the bureaucracy... they back the bureaucracy, we back the NHS".

12.16 Chris Heaton-Harris expresses concern that there is a Facebook site celebrating Raoul Moat and Cameron agrees that there should be no sympathy for him, but rather for his victims.

12.18 Replying to Labour MP Valerie Vaz referring to Michael Gove's "apology tour", Cameron says that it is refreshing that Gove has come to the House and apologise - unlike any Labour minister over the last 13 years.

12.19 Bercow rules out of order a question from Nicholas Boles satirising the Labour Party and Mandelson which he deems unrelated to government policy.

12.20 Nadine Dorries asks whether - in the light of potential spending cuts - we will see a 40% cut in contributions to Europe? Cameron dodges the question but says that we won't be giving up part of the rebate for nothing in return as Labour did.

12.21 Tory backbencher David Davies complains that the actions of IPSA are undermining the efforts of MPs on all sides of the House with its bureacratic procedures. Cameron says the Government wanted a proper transparent system but not an overly bureacratic and costly system. He says that IPSA needs to "get a grip" of what they are doing and fast.

12.29 Cameron refers to the Labour front bench as a group of "deficit deniers".


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