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How voting intentions have changed during "Cameron's honeymoon"

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 12
The above graph has been produced by Anthony Wells of YouGov for a commentary - available on the YouGov website - on their voting intention polls since the general election.

With the latest Conservative figure hitting a post-election high of 43% yesterday and the Prime Minister's personal approval rating at 58%, Wells asserts that David Cameron is still very much in a honeymoon period.

Most striking from the graph is the dramatic drop in support for the Liberal Democrats, as Wells reports:

"The Lib Dem vote has fractured since the election, presumably largely due to losing the support of more left wing voters who object to the coalition deal, or to the agenda the coalition have been following... Nick Clegg's figures have been on a downward trend since the General Election - this seems to be a continuation of the decline since the peak of "Cleggmania" after the first television debate. On some ratings, including 'honesty', 'being in touch with ordinary people 'and 'sticking to what he believes in', Clegg is now back to the sort of figures he got pre-debate."

Read his full analysis here.


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