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Cameron tells Daily Mail that Tory voters are getting 80% of the Conservative manifesto

The Prime Minister has given an interview to the Daily Mail today and has insisted that he is delivering "eight-tenths" of the Conservative manifesto. He highlights delivery of key pledges on the immigration cap, the triple lock on powers being transferred to Europe, new schools, welfare reform and, of course, deficit reduction.

Highlights of the Prime Minister's interview with the Daily Mail:

Fast progress has been made and progress that would not have been possible with a minority government: "I know people worry, isn't a coalition government going to be a lowest-commondenominator government? I think we have demonstrated we are not. We have actually done bold and difficult things that previous governments have been unable to do and we have done them relatively quickly and effectively... We wouldn't be able to do a tenth of this with a minority government. We'd be permanently looking over our shoulders to see if we could get any proposals through."

The Coalition is a give-and-take arrangement: "It's a bit like a seesaw – there will be some times it feels the Conservatives are making the running, there will be some times it feels like the Lib Dems are making the running."

Reassuring Conservatives: "I will have to spend rightly more time on party relations in this parliament than in the last. Coalitions will create stresses and strains for your own party and they have to be permanently addressed."

Liberal Democrats versus the Conservatives in the future: "Of course I expect Conservatives and Liberals will fight elections separately. We have different underlying philosophies and differences in approach and policy. But obviously if we are fighting a separate election after a successful five-year government, I hope we will be relatively polite about each other."

On First Past The Post versus AV: "‘While I don’t support the alternative vote, and I can’t get that excited about the whole issue of electoral reform, this is incredibly important for the Lib Dems,’ he said. They have wanted a referendum or some chance of a referendum for 60, 70 years and we have to understand its importance to them. We’re free to campaign for a no vote. I support the current system. I don’t believe in an alternative vote, and I will take part in the campaign."

On being PM: "I'm paddling manically below the surface... I'm finding it a challenge, but a rewarding challenge because after five years of talking I'm finally able to do some doing."

In the interview Mr Cameron promises to end Britain's "health and safety farce".

Tim Montgomerie


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