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The Conservatives are back at 40% in new Sunday Times/YouGov poll as three quarters of the public think the international aid budget should be a victim of the cuts

I am grateful to Anthony Wells from UK Polling Report for blogging the findings of a new YouGov poll for tomorrow's Sunday Times.  The numbers (with changes from the end of May) are:

YGST Anthony notes that this is "the first time the Conservatives have been at 40% and the Lib Dems below 20% since the first leaders’ debate".

On what public spending cuts should be made, here is how the public responded to eight specific ideas:

  • Cut international aid - 75% support
  • End final-salary pensions for new public sector employees - 63% support
  • End higher rate tax relief on pension contributions - 61% support
  • Means-test pensioner benefits like free-bus passes - 48% support
  • Freeze welfare benefits other than pensions for three years - 43% support
  • Tax child benefit - 42% support (but 45% oppose)
  • End final-salary linked pensions for current public sector employees - 31% support (but 49% oppose)
  • Freeze the state pension for a couple of years - 18% support (but 68% oppose)

In other findings:

  • 49% of people say the Government "should raise taxes as part of their strategy for reducing the deficit", compared to 39% who said the government should not do so, even if it meant larger cuts.
  • Asked which of income tax, national insurance or VAT they'd want to see raised if one of the three had to be raised, 39% said VAT, 27% said NI and 19% said income tax.

Jonathan Isaby


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