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One party got us into this mess and two are getting us out of it, Cameron tells Harman at PMQs

Jonathan Isaby's verdict: A confident performance from David Cameron, with Harriet Harman clutching at straws in her questioning on the Budget.

Picture 512.03 David Cameron begins by paying tribute to the latest casualties in Afghanistan.

12.05 Answering a question Tory MP Simon Hart, Caremon says that supporting the armed forces is a social responsibility not just a government responsibility.

12.06 Harriet Harman wants to know how much the Treasury has set aside for relinking pensions and earnings. Cameron says it is more complicated that Harman is suggesting and that there is a triple lock to ensure it happens.

12.07 Harman claims no money has been set aside for the move, before saying that pensioners will be hit hard by the VAT increase.

12.08 Cameron promises says it will be uprated by RPI, and that £1 billion will be put into pensions over the Parliament. And he points out it took the Tories two months to do something that Labour talked about for 13 years.

12.09 Cameron points out the statistics in the Red Book - or the un-read Book as far as Harman is concerned. A Tory backbencher shouts three nil as Cameron sits down after the third answer.

Picture 6 12.10 Harman goes on to families with children and wants confirmation that families on less than £40,000 won't lose their tax credit. Cameron: We are making sure that the least well-off families get the most money. Child poverty will not go up by one family, unlike under Labour.

12.12 After more questioning from Harman, Cameron lambasts Labour for talking about billions of cuts without saying how they would be paid for. He says that one party put us into this mess and two are working at getting us out of it.

12.13 Cameron also mocks Harman and Labour for claiming they'd end boom and bust and talking about "prudence with a purpose". They may be adopting Greekonomics but we are sorting out the problem, he says.

12.14 Cameron wishes the England team good luck this afternoon from the whole House.

12.19 In reply to a Tory backbencher Cameron says again that Labour cannot be taking seriously as long as they refuse to come up with a single saving that government could make.

12.21 Cameron says he has now had two phone calls with President Obama about the BP oil spill and that it is essential for Britain that BP is strong and secure for the future.

12.22 Peter Bone asks when Anti-Slavery Day will be announced, in line with former MP Anthony Steen's Private Member's Bill and David Cameron says he has yet to announce it but thansk Bone for the reminder.

12.24 New Tory MP Matt Hancock points out that Labour were going to increase benefits at less than inflation - and David Cameron agrees that the dupes on the Labour benches wouldn't have known that.

12.26 Lib Dem Julian Huppert wants Trident considered in the Strategic Defence Review. Cameron disagrees.

12.27 DUP MP Willie McCrea asks about the allowances which go to Sinn Fein MPs who do not take their seats. Cameron says his views are on the record and haven't changed. He says that Sinn Fein MPs are let off the hook for not taking their seats and wants to re-examine the argument to see about getting them to do so.

Jonathan Isaby


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