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Cameron promises protection of NHS budget, equalisation of constituency size and for St George's flag to fly over Downing Street during World Cup

VERDICT: Another solid performance from David Cameron. He reaffirmed Coalition policy on ringfencing the NHS budget and equalisation of constituency size. His promise to fly the Cross of St George over 10 Downing Street during the World Cup will get a good show in tomorrow's tabloids.

Highlights, not verbatim:

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 12.35.16 12.32pm: David Cameron tells Nadhim Zahawi that flag of St George will fly over 10 Downing Street throughout World Cup. The PM concludes his answer by saying "Come on, England!".

12.22pm: In response to a question from Sajid Javid the Prime Minister announces that there will be an inquiry into the failure of hospital care in Staffordshire, largely because of Labour's target-driven NHS.

12.20pm: The Prime Minister says that business grants are being reviewed because in the run up to the election two-thirds of announcements from Lord Mandelson benefited marginal Labour-held seats.

12.13pm: In response to a question on CCTV, Cameron says he supports CCTV - it works well in his own constituency - but the surveillance society grew too powerful under Labour. Ms Harman invites the PM to guarantee that it won't be harder for people on harder-pressed estates to get CCTV. Cameron does not answer the question but accuses Labour of wanting to be the party of control. In the light of Ed Balls' remarks on immigration, Mr Cameron likens the former Schools Secretary to Alf Garnett. 

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 12.02.05

12.09pm: A third of black people and half of young people are not on the electoral register, says Harriet Harman. She says that the Coalition's equalisation of constituency size should not proceed on the basis of an unequal register. Accusing Labour of the "special pleading" Cameron says he will press ahead with equalisation because it is unfair that the MP for the Isle of Wight represents 110,000 voters but some Labour MPs represent half-as-many.

12.06pm: Harriet Harman asks if the Government has any plans to update Britain's gun laws. David Cameron replies that there will be no knee-jerk responses but there will be another look at gun laws by the Home Office. He said that the Cumbrian police are instituting a peer review of their own firearms procedures. 

At 12.05pm David Cameron confirms that the NHS budget will remain ringfenced.

12.03pm: There will be a referendum, says David Cameron on more powers for the Welsh Assembly but it won't be until next year despite Labour calls for it to be held this autumn.

Tim Montgomerie


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