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Downing Street rubbishes claim that Cameron is "considering backing electoral reform"

David Cameron waist up The New Statesman's James Macintyre has blogged this afternoon in advance of his column being published in the magazine tomorrow.

Here's what he is saying about David Cameron and the referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote electoral system:

"What is in doubt... is the assumption -- widely held across Westminster including among Lib Dem Cabinet ministers -- that he [David Cameron] himself will back publicly the 'No' campaign. Instead, in a sign of how deep the pact between himself and Nick Clegg may yet become, I understand that Cameron is considering backing a 'Yes' vote. He will not campaign for it like Clegg. But he could state his support much nearer the time."

This suggestion that David Cameron could support electoral reform whenever the referendum comes was swiftly rubbished by Downing Street when I called this afternoon.

A spokesman said:

"The Prime Minister has stated his opposition to AV on a number of occasions. That hasn't changed."

Jonathan Isaby


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