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David Davis, Dan Hannan and Michael Forsyth seen as most effective representatives of Conservative Right

Two weeks ago I published the first ConservativeHome league table for the Cabinet. The league table ranked Cabinet ministers according to whether Tory members were satisfied or dissatisfied with them. At the top of the table were William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove.

ConRight-stone As part of my series on the Conservative Right I also used that survey of 1,567 members to rate people often seen as representatives of this wing of the party. Respondents were invited to rate individuals on two measures: (1) Whether they represented their views and (2) Whether they represented their views effectively.

The table puts David Davis at the top of the league table - both as the right-winger who represents grassroots' views and the one who does so effectively. John Redwood is seen as a solid representative of grassroots views but he gets much lower marks for effectiveness.

The table pours a lot of cold water on the credentials of Bill Cash and Christopher Chope. They score very low ratings as effective representatives of grassroots Tories.

One of the challenges for the Conservative Right over coming months is to nurture a new generation of ambassadors. As I blogged on Wednesday:

"Some of the individuals who have already started to reappear regularly on the nation's TV screens, critiquing David Cameron are reinforcing the public's negative view of the Right. They appear obsessive and out of touch with modern Britain."

The primary challenge for the Right is to avoid defining itself in terms of opposition to David Cameron - which is the desire of the media - but, positively, in terms of new policy thinking and formulation of better campaigning models. Yesterday, I urged Graham Brady and the Parliamentary Conservative Party to take on that work.

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