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David Cameron should play an active role in the campaign to retain First Past The Post

BALLOT BOX 1 Today's Sunday Times reports that David Cameron does not intend playing an "active role" in the campaign to retain First Past The Post whenever the referendum happens.

It states:

Cameron insisted he remained a supporter of the present voting system: “I will not change my view that the alternative vote is not an improvement to first-past- the-post, so I will make that clear at the time.”

However, he also made clear he would not play an active role in the “no” campaign: “I will have other things to do as well.”

Are we to assume that Nick Clegg will not play an active role in the campaign to change the voting system as well? I rather doubt it.

This is clearly an area where the Coalition parties disagree and neither side should shy away from getting involved in the campaign.

When the time comes, there will also be a number of Labour figures backing First Past The Post as well, so there should be a broad coalition involved in the campaign - and that should involve the Prime Minister.

As I wrote at the time of the post election discussions, the behind-closed-doors negotiations which resulted in the formation of the Government are the best advert against changing the electoral system and that argument must be made vocally over and over.

Jonathan Isaby


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