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Senior Tory and Lib Dem figures "will address each other's conferences" this autumn

Andrew Grice from The Independent has recorded what David Cameron has been telling reporters in Canada during the G8 Summit and his headline is that senior Tories will address the Lib Dem conference this year and vice versa.

It is not quite the party leaders speaking to the conference of their Coalition partner - as Paul Goodman wanted - but it shows a desire on the part of both leaders to have senior figures in both parties working very closely together.

Grice reports:

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg are drawing up plans for closer links between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and senior figures from the two parties will address each other’s party conference this autumn.

"The two leaders are keen to cement the coalition and a special meeting of the Cabinet next month will discuss a joint approach to the party conference season, including co-ordinated policy announcements. One option is for Mr Cameron to address the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool and Mr Clegg the Tories in Birmingham. More likely, at present, is that other Cabinet ministers will “change places” and speak at their coalition partner’s event."

Mr Cameron also said that Mr Clegg will be playing a role in foreign affairs, taking responsibility for Britain’s relations with China and representing Britain at a UN summit on aid to poor countries in September. However, Mr Clegg will not formally take charge of the country when Mr Cameron is on holiday in August, in the way that John Prescott would officially deputise for Tony Blair.

Jonathan Isaby


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