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Cameron and Obama had "warm and constructive" talks over the phone as the President affirms that the oil spill has "nothing to do with national identity"

CameronOnPhonePhotograph released by Downing Street of David Cameron on the telephone to President Obama.

 Here is how a Downing Street spokesman has reported the conversation which David Cameron and President Obama had over the phone this afternoon (courtesy of PoliticsHome):

"The Prime Minister and President spoke for over 30 minutes today. They discussed Afghanistan, where the Prime Minister briefed the President on his visit. On Iran, they agreed on the need for the European Council to signal tough measures in support of this week's clear message to the Iranian regime from New York that it must halt its military nuclear programme. They also discussed preparations for the G20, where the US and UK are also working together closely."

"The Prime Minister expressed his sadness at the ongoing human and environmental catastrophe in Louisiana. The President and Prime Minister agreed that BP should continue - as they have pledged - to work intensively to ensure that all sensible and reasonable steps are taken as rapidly as practicable to deal with the consequences of this catastrophe."

"President Obama said to the Prime Minister that his unequivocal view was that BP was a multinational global company and that frustrations about the oil spill had nothing to do with national identity.The Prime Minister stressed the economic importance of BP to the UK, US and other countries. The President made clear that he had no interest in undermining BP's value. The President and Prime Minister reaffirmed their confidence in the unique strength of the US-UK relationship."

Further to that, the Press Association quotes Downing Street sources as summarising the conversation as being "warm and constructive", along with confirmation that the Prime Minister will pay his first state visit to the US on July 20th. (PA describe it as a "state visit", but I am prompted that this nomenclature is incorrect for a Prime Ministerial visit)

As for the football match now taking place:

"The leaders also had a bet against each other on the result of this evening's World Cup football clash between England and the USA. Downing Street said that they made a "friendly wager" on the outcome, with stakes of English versus American beers - to be settled when they next meet."

Jonathan Isaby


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