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Boris Johnson summarises his key achievements in London over the last two years at the annual State of London debate

Johnson Boris Pointing Tonight saw the annual "State of London" debate, at which London Mayor Boris Johnson was subjected to scrutiny from members of the public at City Hall and via the internet.

Addressing the crowd, he said that his administration was all about "delivering more, for less money" and summarised some of his key achievements in response to the concerns of Londoners:


"Too many people were telling me that they felt unsafe on public transport. So in the election campaign I promised I would ban alcohol on the Tube and the buses - and we did it; We promised we would cut waste and publicity budgets to put more uniformed crime fighters on the buses and in town centres - and we did that; and the result is that crime is down 18 per cent on buses and the tube is a far safer and more pleasant experience when you are travelling at night;

"Londoners told me that no one seemed to care about the number of young people who were dying as a result of gun crime and knife crime and we said that we did care, and that we would do our utmost to end a terrible waste of life and talent. And so we launched operation Blunt 2 and we have taken 9,500 knives off the streets; and youth violence is down more than 10 per cent; and robbery is down 18 per cent; and murders are down to levels not seen in this city since 1978."

"People said they were concerned about violence against women and they told me that it wasn’t enough to have one rape crisis centre - and that is why we are well on the way to delivering four of them."

"Londoners said they wanted to see more police on the beat - and so I am proud that we have not only brought in a new team at Scotland Yard but the new police commissioner has issued instructions that officers can patrol singly rather than in pairs. And in spite of the immense budgetary pressures we are under there will be more warranted officers in the Met at the end of my term than there were at the beginning."


"We have opened the fantastic new East London line; we are getting air conditioning on the Tube this year; we are increasing the docklands light rail capacity by 50 per cent; we have done what we said we were going to do and allowed people to use their oyster pay as you go cards on the overground rail; and as I promised the last breeding pair of bendy buses will leave the streets of London by the end of 2011; and yes by the end of my mayoral term there will be a new generation bus for London."

"We have ended Gordon Brown’s disastrous PPP; we have listened to Londoners about the western extension zone of the congestion charge and consultation permitting it will come out at the end of this year. We have launched the first serious permit scheme for roadworks and have a government commitment to move to lane rental and we will from the end of next month be in the first stages of a cycling revolution with 6000 hire bikes and 400 stands."

London's Environment

"We have planted 5000 trees; we have improved 11 parks and put in measures to stop developers colonising back gardens; we already have more electric vehicles than any other city in Europe and we are installing thousands of public charge points across the city."


"Under this mayoralty Londoners can look at crime maps and see what is really going on in their neighbourhood... and under this mayoralty we have put details of all expenditure over £1,000 on the web for the public to inspect because that is how to drive down costs and that is how to freeze the precept – as we have done for two years."

He also had a message for George Osborne:

"It is absolutely vital that the Treasury understands that we in London have spent two years making economies and we are already taking £5bn out of the budget of Tfl and that is why it would be madness to cut Crossrail and the projects that will boost the competitiveness of this city and this country because I believe this city has a great future."

And he concluded on another optimistic note:

"If we can get the housing right, if we can get the transport right, then the energy and dynamism of London business will do the rest. We are still exporting goods around the world: there is a snakeskin farm; we export bicycles to Holland; and yes, we export cakes to France. And with that kind of initiative I know this city has a great future."

Below is a pre-recorded video played at the event of Boris introducing his team and giving them the opportunity to explain their priorities:

Jonathan Isaby


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