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Tory lead unchanged at 8% with Com Res; and at 5% with YouGov; 8% with Harris

The YouGov tracker for tomorrow's Sun has the parties on:

Yougov 49% of those questioned said a hung parliament would be "a bad thing, because it will lead to a weak government, unable to take the tough decisions Britain needs", whilst 34% said that a hung parliament would be "a good thing, because it will force at least two parties to work together in some way".

10pm update:

The new ComRes poll for ITV News/The Independent has all parties unchanged as compared with yesterday:

ComRes It also finds that 38% of people may yet change their mind, with Lib Dem voters most likely yet to switch their vote  - 41% say they may do so.

10.30pm update:

And another poll - from Harris for Metro:

Harris 786 adults were polled online and by telephone between April 28 and May 4.

Jonathan Isaby


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