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Tory Reform Group backs a formal Lib-Con coalition as being "in the national interest"

Picture 17 The Tory Reform Group, representing the centre-left of the Conservative Party, has given its backing to the prospect of a fully-fledged coalition between the Conservatives and Lib Dems.

Its chairman, Tim Crockford has just released the following statement:

"The Tory Reform Group congratulates all Conservatives on the election results last Thursday. The Party fought its best campaign in a decade and achieved its best result since 1992. There can be no doubt that the country has rejected Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

"It is essential that a stable Government is formed at the earliest possible opportunity. The TRG supports David Cameron’s attempts to form a Government inclusive of Liberal Democrats. David Cameron achieved a swing towards the Conservatives comparable with that of Margaret Thatcher in 1979 and gained more seats than at any General Election for eighty years.  All Conservatives should recognise the success that his modernisation of the Party has brought and should support him in creating the stable administration this country so desperately needs.

"The TRG believes that the country needs a strong Government which can be confident of introducing urgent measures to tackle the enormous deficit which is the legacy of New Labour as well as restoring civil liberties, addressing the challenge of climate change and ensuring a progressive One Nation Government. The next Government must be able to maintain the confidence of the House of Commons and command a Parliamentary majority. The TRG therefore believes that a formal coalition with the Liberal Democrats is in the national interest."

Jonathan Isaby


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