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The Financial Times endorses the Conservatives

FT After 'voting' Labour at the last four elections the pink 'un has endorsed David Cameron:

"This newspaper still has questions about Mr Cameron and his party. The Tories’ reflexive hostility to Europe, for instance, is worrying, whatever his protestations that he wants a constructive relationship with Brussels. His team is young and for the most part untested. Given the opinion polls, it is conceivable that no party will win a clear majority. This need not be a disaster, though Britain’s experience of minority or coalition governments is not reassuring. A perverse result, such as Labour coming third in the vote and winning the most seats, would increase pressure for electoral reform, perhaps irresistibly. But that debate must come after the election. Britain needs a stable and legitimate government to navigate its fiscal crisis and punch its weight abroad. On balance, the Conservative party best fits the bill."

Paul Goodman is right to be sceptical about the value of last minute endorsements but this is still very welcome. Since the last election The Sun, The Times, The Economist and now the FT have defected from the red to the blue corner.

Tim Montgomerie


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