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Please help ConHome publish its General Election Review

Screen shot 2010-05-14 at 08.16.14 I hope you have had a chance to read ConservativeHome's Review of the Conservative Party's General Election campaign. It's online here.

It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Tory campaign and concludes that the party should have achieved an outright victory. It makes a series of recommendations for the future including the need for a full-time campaigns co-ordinator, a full time pollster and independent status for the Scottish party.

You can read the executive summary here and the recommendations here.

The party leadership is publicly and privately insisting the result was the best that could have been achieved. I disagree and want maximum pressure on the party to improve the effort for the next time and learn all necessary lessons. My aim is to publish the analysis as a booklet next week. I have a lot more material to add and want all MPs, journalists and others to see the paper in an easily readable format. I would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation to pay for this. I think I'll need about £2,000. If you can help please make a donation.

Later today I hope to announce an event to be held next Thursday evening in London to discuss the campaign.

Tim Montgomerie


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