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Lib Dems drop three points in first post-coalition polls

Tomorrow's Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror have the first poll since the general election and ensuing coalition deal. The numbers from ComRes are:

ComRes 41% of people think that the Lib Dems appear to have sold out on their principles by joining the coalition.

John Rentoul has more.

6.15pm update:

There is another poll in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, conducted by ICM, which also shows the Lib Dems dropping back by three points:

ICM-1 The Sunday Telegraph has more detail, including the finding that 64% of voters thought that the coalition was the right way forward for Britain after the general election resulted in a hung parliament.

Remember, the Government intends equalising constituency sizes for the next election (which could even be run under AV if the referendum were to be successful), so it is pretty meaningless to translate the figures into a projection of the Commons.

Jonathan Isaby

Sunday morning, 7.15am.

The News of the World has an Ipsos-MORI poll which gives strong backing to the Coalition:



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