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Tea With Pickles.

This is my last blog before D-day. I hope you have enjoyed being a part of the journeys of the Pickles Reasonably Priced People Carrier (PRPPC). It’s been a great treat for me to bring the readers of ConHome with me as I toured every corner of the country.

You may remember that at Spring Forum I made you a promise. I promised to roll up my sleeves, fire up the PRPPC and join our campaign on the ground and now we’re just a few short hours away from polling day.

90 seats, 10,000 miles, 370 tweets, 146 cans of diet coke, 53 cans of Red Bull and several Premier Inn’s later, the PRPPC takes its last stop at Brentwood and Ongar today.

In every seat visited I’ve found the energy and enthusiasm of this campaign infectious. The country is crying out for change and it is our team who are leading that charge. From the tip to the toe of this country I have been proud to support our Parliamentary Candidates and I know tomorrow they will make us proud.

As Party Chairman I can only say how moved I’ve been by the warmth of the reception that I and my colleagues have enjoyed in every seat up and down the country.  To the thousands of supporters who have given their time and effort to make us to welcome, thank you.

To the professional staff both in CCHQ and offices across the United Kingdom I also want to pass on the thanks and appreciation I’ve received from all the candidates I’ve met on the road.  I can honestly say, the team in CCHQ and the team in the field are the best bunch of people I could have wanted to work alongside. They too have made me proud.

Our campaign material has never looked better, our communications never sharper, our campaign discipline never tighter, so to everybody responsible, I say thank you.

To put it in context the London team alone has managed to X-ray 500 sacks of mail, answer 26,000 phone calls and wash over 40,000 mugs!

Operationally, I don’t think I could have ever expected it to go well as it has, a truly exceptional achievement.

Tomorrow, I know that for all of us it will be the culmination of years of hard fought political work. We always knew this election would be fought on a door by door, street by street and constituency by constituency basis and it has been, but we can’t stop now.

Sorry Tim, but its now time to step away from the computer, except for polling day purposes, and out into the street, we need your help now to Get Out The Vote.

Together, we can win.

Eric Pickles


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