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George Osborne nails Labour's latest lie on child tax credits as he previews David Cameron's "unprecedented political marathon"

George Osborne on Politics Show In an email to party members tonight, Gorge Osborne has emphasised that the party is "taking absolutely nothing for granted" in advance of polling day.

He promotes the latest election broadcast and attack ad, reveals that the party's contract with voters has now been delivered to 4 million homes and previews the "unprecedented political marathon" David Cameron is about to undertake:

"David Cameron will continue to lead from the front in this election. He will be campaigning right through the night, travelling across the whole country in the last twenty four hours before the eve of poll. It is a first for British politics, an unprecedented political marathon. It will be exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure, and it shows that David and our party are prepared quite literally to go the extra mile to change Britain for the better."  

Sky News reporter Dharshini David said on air a little while ago that the tour would take in all four corners of the UK - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (ash cloud permitting).

Meanwhile, George Osborne also took the opportunity in his email to nail Labour's latest lie about Conservative policy:

"We are seeing a desperate campaign from a desperate Gordon Brown, that will shame the Labour Party for years to come. We have already exposed the lies on pensioner benefits and Sure Start - and our Contract makes clear commitments to protect them.

"Labour's latest lie of this campaign is on the child tax credit. Gordon Brown said we would cut it for the "very poorest". That is completely dishonest. We would keep child tax credits, and protect them for those families on modest incomes. Only families on incomes above about £50,000 would stop receiving tax credits.

"When we announced this the Labour Party attacked it on the grounds that it wouldn't save very much money because few families would be affected; now they are attacking the same policy with the ludicrously untrue claim that many millions of people would be affected. It just shows what dishonest nonsense they are spreading, and we are rebutting it directly."

Jonathan Isaby


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