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David Cameron says he and Clegg rejected the idea of minority government because it was "so uninspiring"

David cameron presser clegg Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg gave a joint press conference in the garden at Downing Street this afternoon.

There seemed to be quite a chemistry between the pair, as they published the coalition agreement between the respective parties. Here are a few of the key points (not verbatim)

Cameron said that the coalition was founded on three key principles: freedom, fairness and responsibility.

He said that later today the first meeting of the new National Security Council would take place and that as he continued appointing ministers, there would be representation for the Lib Dems at every level of government.

He said the deal was a demoinstration of a new politics, working in the national interest rather than just party interest.

Answering questions, the Prime Minister said that the pair had looked at the option of a minority government on a confidence and supply basis, but that they agreed that it was "so uninspiring" which would not allow them to do what they came into politics to achieve and wouldn't mean anything. "Let's aim for something bigger and better", he said he felt. "This [coalition] is so much better than the alternative".

Cameron confirmed that Clegg would deputise for him at PMQs if ever he couldn't make it and that Clegg would have an office within the Cabinet Office and be responsible for political reform.

He was also reminded that he once said his favourite joke was "NIck Clegg". Cameorn admitted that everyone is going to have things they've said thrown back at them but if he needs to eat some humble pie and east some words he's previously said, he couldnlt think of a better diet.

Jonathan Isaby


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