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Conservative Way Forward calls on Cameron to form a minority government without the Liberal Democrats

On Sunday ConHome published a statement of support for a LibCon coalition from the Tory Reform Group.

Cwf_logo Another important pressure group within the party, Conservative Way Forward, has called for the Tories to go-it-alone in minority government. The CWF statement signed by its Chairman Don Porter - who, until recently, led the party's voluntary wing - and its Senior Executive Mark Allatt, also says that there is no doorstep demand for electoral reform.

The Thatcherite CWF's full statement is pasted below:

"We have observed the recent negotiations with considerable concern. The executives of CWF would like to convey the following key points on the way forward.

  • The time for negotiations has come to an end.
  • The time is right for clear leadership.
  • David Cameron should become Prime Minister of a minority Conservative Government. The electorate gave the Conservative Party by far the largest number of seats and share of the poll. This is essential in order to stabilise the current very delicate economic situation.
  • We do not believe a formal coalition with the Lib Dems is an appropriate way forward that would produce the necessary stability our country needs.
  • Members of CWF campaigned in the election in a range of seats throughout the country. There was no burning desire expressed by the electorate for a PR system of the election.
  • The last few days have demonstrated the chaos that would ensue after each General Election if we adopted a PR system. This is not about the electorate having a say. It is more about a small number of politicians "stitching up" the outcome.
  • A minority Conservative Government should immediately set about tackling the serious issues facing our country and then at an appropriate stage invite the electorate to provide our party with a full working majority.

It is high time that the voice of the volunteers within the party is heard and listened to. We are not prepared to sit and observe while the daily dramas unfold."

Tim Montgomerie


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