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ConservativeHome, the election campaign, David Cameron and the current situation

It's decision time for David Cameron, as well as Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown.  The indecisive election result and the events that have followed it also mark an important moment for ConservativeHome.

We're a conservative site, but also an independent one.  It's integral to our mission to be free of control by CCHQ, and to be ourselves.  We've tried during the long election campaign to honour both our desire to see David Cameron in Downing Street, so that Britain gets a Conservative Government, and our responsibility to readers to give them the service they want.  We hope we succeeded.

At any rate, we intend to carry on, with Cameron perhaps on the doorstep of Downing Street, as we've started. For example, it was important to write this morning that he needs to give building internal coalitions with Party members that same priority as building external coalitions with others.

Furthermore, each of us is his own individual voice, and part of the beauty of the internet is that a site like ConservativeHome isn't an army, with contributors drilled to parrot out a line.  It's what it says it is: a home, where members of the family converse. As Editors we'll sometimes disagree with each other on these pages.

But even the most relaxed homes have boundaries, however rough and ready.  One of ours is that, during the next few days, we want to help ensure that Cameron crosses that Downing Street threshold.

Paul Goodman, Jonathan Isaby and Tim Montgomerie, Editors


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