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CCHQ distribute 'key messages newspaper' to one million homes in target seats

I was in CCHQ earlier to look at the literature being distributed in target seats. Not only do I now have my own copy of The Contract but also a copy of a newspaper being distributed to a million homes this weekend. The Contract is central to it. The top three issues it focuses on are the economy, the NHS and immigration (the three issues I've long thought most important). The back page is dedicated to the five dangers of a hung parliament:

  • Gordon Brown may stay in power;
  • Power will pass to politicians and their back room deals;
  • There will be a lack of clear leadership;
  • There will be a delay to the big economic decisions;
  • There may be a second election later this year.

I summarise the newspaper in the graphic below.


Very good.

Tim Montgomerie

Monday morning: Download a PDF of the full newspaper


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