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Cameron completes positive but uneventful visits to Paris and Berlin

Screen shot 2010-05-21 at 14.24.46 For a long time the FT, in particular, has talked up the likelihood of frosty relations between European leaders and David Cameron. There was no frostiness on display when the new Prime Minister met President Sarkozy in Paris yesterday evening (video) and Angela Merkel in Berlin today. Germany gave Cameron red carpet treatment (picture). He was greeted with a military band and a long line up of troops. Sarkozy was very tactile with Britain's new Prime Minister and Chancellor Merkel spoke of a warm dialogue with "David".

Behind-the-scenes important issues were probably discussed but the press conferences were uneventful. David Cameron affirmed that Britain wanted a strong and stable eurozone but was glad that Britain had never joined. He also repeated the commitment - made in the Tory manifesto and also set out in the Coalition agreement - that no powers would be transferred to Europe without the consent of the British people in a referendum.

Tim Montgomerie


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