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Tonight's polls have Tory leads of 2%, 3% and 7%

The YouGov daily tracker poll for The Sun tomorrow has the parties on the following figures:

Yougov My understanding is that some, but not all, of those polled will have given their answers after Gordon's Brown comments about Gillian Duffy came to light today.

8.15pm update:

The latest ComRes poll for ITV News and The Independent was due for release at 10pm, but the embargo has already been broken by, er, ITV News in the form of the Meridian Tonight Twitter feed, which reports the numbers as:

ComRes More detail will follow at 10pm.

8.45pm update:

A Harris poll for Metro has, according to Sky News:

Harris 10pm update:

Elsewhere in the ComRes poll are questions about electoral reform:

“I am not really sure what using PR to elect MPs to the House of Commons would involve”
Agree - 45%
Disagree - 43%
Don't know - 12%

“I think introducing some form of PR into Britain’s electoral system would be a good thing”
Agree - 62%
Disagree - 20%
Don't know - 18%

“It would be good for British democracy if more small parties were represented in the House of Commons even if this means giving parties like the BNP a chance to win seats”
Agree - 54%    
Disagree - 40%
Don't know - 6%

“Nick Clegg’s statement that PR would be the price for him joining a coalition government makes me more likely to vote for him”
Agree - 24%
Disagree - 61%
Don't know - 15%

Jonathan Isaby


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