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Tories will use final week of campaign to set out clear policy guarantees for every voter

After last night's victory in the BBC debate the Tories are starting the final week of the campaign in good heart. I'm encouraged to report the launch of 'A contract between the Conservative Party and you' that will define the party's campaigning in the final week.  Here's a PDF of the leaflet.

Screen shot 2010-04-30 at 07.34.36Two million copies of the contract will be distributed to households in battleground seats - three-and-a-half million people in total. Another one million will be distributed at railway stations and on the campaign trail. Key components of the contract will be highlighted on each day of what's left of the campaign.

I'm a big admirer of the Big Society as a governing philosophy but it lacks bite on the campaign trail. With the contract the Tories are finally setting out their key policies in a way that will resonate with voters.

The contract highlights Tory plans to cut immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the ten of thousands; to cut ministers' pay; to defend key benefits for pensions; to get cancer drugs to patients; to stop Labour's increase in National Insurance. It's good stuff.

Tim Montgomerie

MAY-THERESA PS I understand the Contract was the idea of Theresa May. It was something she championed in the Norwich North by-election when Chloe Smith was successfully elected. Theresa has had a very good campaign all round. CCHQ now regard her as one of the party's best media assets and use her regularly. She's calm under fire, always on message, never dropping the ball.


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