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Tories use Sunday newspapers to preview three more manifesto policies

The Conservative manifesto will be launched on Tuesday but the party has used the Sunday newspapers to highlight three more policies (although only the first is, I think, genuinely new)...

Tories will guarantee access to an NHS doctor for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week

"The Tory manifesto will include a guarantee that everyone will be able to see a doctor in their area for 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Nearly a quarter of GPs’ practices are shut beyond the normal closing hours of 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, and there has been uproar over the poor quality of out-of-hours cover." - Mail on Sunday | Sunday Express

The NHS - alongside the National Insurance policy - will feature prominently in the Tory campaign. Yesterday I noted a Tory pledge to provide an NHS dentist for one million more people. Last week Andrew Lansley announced plans to dramatically increase the availability of cancer-saving drugs.

400,000 more apprenticeships and training opportunities for the young

"The Tory leader aims to put tackling the scourge of youth unemployment at the heart of his push for power. A £750million rescue plan for the jobless army of under-25s will be unveiled in his party’s manifesto on Tuesday. Mr Cameron believes they are among the “Great Ignored” he claims have been betrayed during 13 years of Labour rule. He will pledge to create 200,000 new apprenticeships by 2012 to give youngsters the skills to compete for work. There will also be 100,00 extra training places at colleges and 100,000 work pairings, which give out-of-work teens the chance to work alongside a tradesman for six months." - News of the World

An Englishman's* home is a castle and a Conservative government will stop state agencies entering it without a warrant

"Under the Tory plans, all officials except police officers and emergency workers would be required to obtain warrants before demanding access to properties. The Conservatives say there are now 1,242 pieces of legislation public servants can use to enter homes, including powers to search for unregulated hypnotists, a dancing bear without a permit, bovine semen or a fridge with the wrong energy rating." - The Sunday Telegraph

This policy will be added to Dominic Grieve's restoration of civil liberties charter that is summarised here.

Tim Montgomerie

* With apologies to Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish readers.


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