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Labour trailing in third place in five Sunday polls... but Ipsos-Mori suggests the Lib Dem surge has receded

The first of a number of Sunday newspaper opinion polls has just emerged - from an organisation called OnePoll, with which I am unfamiliar, for The People newspaper. According to People political editor Nigel Nelson, their numbers are:

Conservatives - 32% (+5)
Lib Dems - 32% (-1)
Labour - 23% (no change)

Comparisons are with the OnePoll survey for last Sunday's edition of the paper.

OnePoll surveyed 2,571 voters between 22nd and 24th April.

4.30pm update:

The ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror has the parties on the following standings:

ComRes Comparisons are with the most recent ComRes poll, published on Wednesday.

Some other points to note from ComRes:

  • The Lib Dem figures are particularly strong in the North of England and is still strongest among the younger age groups (41% among 18-24s);
  • 66% say they are ‘absolutely certain’ to vote, the highest registered in a ComRes poll of this campaign;
  • Taken alongside responses on voting intention, this would suggest that the number of people who are ‘absolutely certain’ to vote but who are undecided about who to vote for now stands at 3.3 million British adults;
  • 54% agree that a hung parliament, with no party having a majority, would put the economic recovery at risk (31% disagree) - with 57% of people who are undecided or refuse to say how they would vote agreeing with the statement.

Meanwhile, the ICM survey for the Sunday Telegraph has Labour on its lowest figure for six months:


More here in the Sunday Telegraph. Comparisons are with the most recent ICM poll published in the Guardian.

5.15pm update:

Fraser Nelson has tweeted the results of the Ipsos-Mori poll for tomorrow's News of the World, which has the Lib Dems very much back in third place. Their figures are:


The research was conducted yesterday. Comparisons are with the midweek Ipsos-Mori poll reported in the Evening Standard.

7pm update:

And the YouGov daily tracker numbers for tomorrow's Sunday Times are:


8.30pm update:

And another poll... BPIX for the Mail on Sunday has:

Conservatives - 34% (+3)
Lib Dem - 30% (-2)
Labour - 26% (-2)

Comparisons are are with last week's equivalent poll.

Jonathan Isaby


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