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The bookies are still predicting a Conservative majority

Picture 30 This time last week I highlighted the fact that while the polls were suggesting that a hung parliament was on the cards, the bookmakers were still expecting a Conservative overall majority in the Commons.

Ladbrokes have just released their weekly prediction, based on the betting in seats across the country and they are broadly the same as last week (when they predicted a Conservative majority of 12):

Conservatives - 329 seats
Labour - 222 seats
Lib Dems - 63 seats

That would translate into a Conservative majority of 8 seats in the Commons.

Ladbrokes' figures have also been factored into the Times online coverage of the election, with this section of the paper's comprehensive election website showing a map with details of the bookies' expectations for every single constituency.

However, the map on the website as of now does not tally with the numbers above, with Labour up to 233 seats and the Lib Dems dwon to 56 seats. I will try and establish which numbers are more up to date. Ladbrokes' spokesman tells me that the figures above (329/222/63) are the most up to date numbers.

Jonathan Isaby


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