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Tax cuts have TWICE saved the Conservative Party from über-modernisers

How did the Tories get their lead back? I credited George Osborne. In the News of the World Fraser Nelson is more direct:

"The masterstroke was George Osborne's decision to SCRAP Labour's National Insurance tax hike, helping millions. So that all-important question: "Why should I vote Tory?" has a clear answer: "You'll be better off". Not by much - the sum is about £12 a month. But this move crystalised the difference between the two parties. More could follow. A plan to transfer married couples' tax allowances, outlined in this paper today, could save some families £100 A MONTH - enough for a new car. Between them, they could be the most effective vote-winners since, oh, the inheritance tax cut that George Osborne offered in the 2007 Tory conference. Detect a trend yet? If the Tories say "we're shiny and modern!" no one cares. When they cut taxes, people listen. It's not rocket science. People will vote for the party that makes life better for them. End of story...

Both Osborne and Cam have taken advice from faint-hearted Tories who are terrified of policies that Labour can attack. For reasons that only a psychologist could explain, some Tories loathe tax cuts. It reminds them of the old days...The 'modernisers' were right - for their time. But flogging their message now is like flogging ice cream in a rainstorm. Cam knows it... Playing it safe almost lost him TWO elections: This one, and the election-that-never-was in October 2007."

Fraser Nelson at his best.

Tim Montgomerie


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