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Seven Eight out of eight pollsters predict Tory majority

The predictions are given to the Independent on Sunday:
  • Andrew Hawkins, ComRes: Con majority 32
  • Ben Page, Ipsos-MORI: Con 25 seats short of overall majority See update below.
  • Andrew Cooper, Populus: Con majority of 10+
  • Peter Kellner, YouGov: Con majority 20-30
  • Robert Salvoni, Harris Interactive: Con majority 2-10
  • Andy Morris, Angus Reid: Con majority 40-50
  • Martin Boon, ICM Research: Con majority 20
  • Johnny Heald, Opinion Research Business: Con majority 40+

7788 There were four overnight polls, giving the Conservatives leads of 7%, 7%, 8% and 8%. In his Spectator column, James Forsyth said last week that CCHQ believed they needed a lead of 5% for victory.

Tim Montgomerie

12.15pm: In a comment on UK Polling Report Ben Page said he thought the Independent wanted a projection based on current polls. He actually agrees with the seven other pollsters that the Tories will win a majority.


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