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Scottish Conservatives launch 'Don't listen to Labour' poster

Over on LeftWatch I highlighted Labour's latest scare campaign - frightening people at risk from cancer. In the same LeftWatch post I note a number of other examples of Labour's dirty tricks campaigning.

The Scottish Conservatives have this morning launched a poster to rebut Labour's scare stories:

Don't-Listen-to-Labour What do people think?

Annabel Goldie MSP, Scottish Conservative Leader commented:

“I am stunned by the level to which the Labour party has stooped in this election. The leaflets Labour are handing out are deliberately designed to mislead and scare the most vulnerable people in society including the elderly, the low paid and families. Labour candidates are simply being dishonest and are not telling the truth about Conservative policies."

Click on the poster to enlarge and the scan below which is an example of the negative propaganda that Labour candidates are using.


Tim Montgomerie


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