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Samantha Cameron makes her debut on the campaign trail - and as a blogger

Picture 28 As promised last month after her interview with Sir Trevor MacDonald, Samantha Cameron made her debut on the election campaign trail today. As ConHome reported, she will be taking a particular interest in social action projects and today she and David Cameron visited the Pedro Youth Club in Hackney, where the pair are pictured, right.

But not only will she be joining her husband on the campaign trail, but she will also be blogging about some of the visits she makes, as Sandra Howard did during the 2005 general election campaign.

Her debut contribution to the Blue Blog on is up tonight:

"During the election I’m going to be getting involved in social action projects up and down the country – let’s hope I cross paths with my husband at some point… I am really keen to bang the drum for all the unsung heroes and heroines who are involved in social action and I thought a blog would be an easy way of sharing my stories about the people I meet.

"Today David and I visited the Pedro Club in Hackney. It sits at the centre of 3 estates where gun and knife crime are sadly a major fact of life. What struck me during my time there was that places like the Pedro are not about the building, they’re always about the amazing people who run them."

Click here to read her full post.

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