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Tories in the lead in four of the latest polls - and neck-and-neck with the Lib Dems in a fifth


More in The Guardian.

Tim Montgomerie

5.30pm update:

A new Angus Reid poll has just been published on Political Betting with the parties on the following standings:

Comparison are with the AR poll for Political Betting this time last week.

6.45pm update:

Tonight's ITV News at 10pm is carrying a new ComRes poll - for which the embargo on the figures appears has been broken by none other than Charlie Whelan of Unite infamy. They are:


More detail from the poll will follow at 10pm.

ComRes also asked voters what their preference would be in the event of a hung parliament. 46% of Liberal Democrat voters would prefer a Gordon Brown led coalition, while just 31% of Liberal Democrat voters would be happy with a coalition led by David Cameron. However, 58% of the overall sample said they would be ‘unhappy’ with a minority government led by Gordon Brown which is currently the most likely outcome given the distribution of votes between the parties.

7.15pm update:

Tomorrow's Daily Express carries a new Opinium poll with the parties on the following standings:


1,957 people were polled between Friday and today. Comparisons are with the Opinium poll for the Express a week ago.

8pm update:

YouGov's daily tracker for the Sun has:


Jonathan Isaby


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