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More people are talking about immigration than any other issue

Labour MP Frank Field has warned that anger over immigration could 'spread to the streets' if it is not debated. Immigration is certainly a dominant issue of popular conversation according to the latest ConservativeHome survey.

The word cloud below summarises the answers of nearly 2,500 ConservativeHome readers when asked on Monday and yesterday, 'Which issues are your non-political friends and family talking about most?'

Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 22.58.49 Immigration, petrol prices (discussed here on Monday), tax and National Insurance (the issue of the campaign so far) and MPs' expenses were the top four issues.

Last week I urged a bigger profile for Tory thinking on immigration.

Other key findings of the ConHome survey:

  • 93% agreed that 'We need to give voters more positive reasons for voting Conservative';
  • 90% agreed that 'Voters need to know that a vote for the Liberal Democrats could let Brown in by the back door';
  • 86% agree that 'The Tory leadership needs to spell out the dangers of a hung parliament';
  • 79% agreed that 'All parties are avoiding talking about how they will cut the deficit';
  • 62% agreed that 'The election campaign has been a little dull so far'.
  • 30% agreed that the BBC's coverage of the election has been fair. 59% disagreed.

And this word cloud represents the ten names most frequently mentioned in response to the question, 'Which of the following THREE members of the shadow cabinet have impressed you most in the campaign so far?'

Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 23.08.03 The Shadow Chancellor was mentioned by 49% of respondents and William Hague was mentioned by 46%.

Tim Montgomerie


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