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Love-bombing of the Liberal Democrats is over as George Osborne unleashes a conventional political attack

Since the beginning of the Cameron era the aim has been to love-bomb Liberal Democrat voters. But there has been little attack of LibDem policies. That is now changing.

Attack In an email to Tory supporters George Osborne questions the Liberal Democrats on immigration, defence, crime and tax:

"How can they control immigration by giving an amnesty for illegal immigrants? If they want to scrap Trident what is their alternative – do they really want to leave Britain unprotected in an uncertain world? If they want to scrap prison sentences under six months how many burglars and drug dealers will be walking the streets as a result? And how would they get the economy moving with new taxes on businesses and entrepreneurs?"

Warn Repeating a message issued earlier by David Cameron the Shadow Chancellor also warns against a hung parliament:

"This is the most important election for a generation. Our economy, our society and our political system all need fundamental change, and the question at this election is who can get the job done?  It’s increasingly clear that the answer is David Cameron not Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown has had 13 years and made things worse. He’s sinking – and clinging to the Lib Dems as his life-raft. But a hung parliament won't get the job done. It would be dominated by haggling, not decision making. The best way - the only way to get the job done is to have a decisive Conservative victory."

The attack on Nick Clegg's policies and highlighting the dangers of a hung parliament were strategies two and three of Paul Goodman's earlier post.

I'd like to suggest a fourth.

Puncture Clegg is presenting himself as the anti-politics candidate. He isn't. As an MEP he was deeply immersed in the EU gravy train. His party broke its promise on the EU referendum. His party campaigns dirtily in election after election. Liberal Democrat MPs, MEPs and councillors all have questionable expenses. As Harry Phibbs has begun to do this afternoon, on CentreRight, we must demolish what Cameron called Clegg's claim to be "holier than thou".

Tim Montgomerie

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